Services & Election Information

For more information on any township services listed below (or unlisted), please contact:

Teresa Sullivan, Township Clerk
Phone: (231) 625-9003

Land Division Act

Requires a land owner to apply to the local unit of government before a land division or split can be made. There is a form to be filled out along with a scaled drawing of the division, including public utilities and easements noted. Land divisions allowed are based on the amount of available property in a formula of number of divisions to the remainder of land and access based on local zoning.

With the passing of house Bill No. 4055, a property tax payment certification is required before any parcel of land is divided to ensure that all taxes are paid.


Contact the Aloha Township clerk:

Teresa Sullivan, Clerk
Phone: (231) 625-9003

Garbage Pick-Up

Last Thursday of each month; up to six bags may be placed out for pickup. Please note – PAC Sanitation will offer a discounted rate of $12.80 per month for the remaining weeks of the month.


Recycle bins are located behind Township Hall on Mann Road. To make use of County sites please have your recycle permit in plain view on dashboard.

Oak Hill Cemetery

Oak Hill Cemetery is located in Benton Township just north of Aloha Township, five miles south-east of Cheboygan on M-33 in Cheboygan County. Oak Hill Cemetery, is owned by the Townships of Aloha, Benton, Grant and Mullett. It is operated and managed by a Cemetery Board.

Absent Voter Ballots

All registered residents of Aloha Township vote at the Aloha Township Hall located at M33/Mann Road. A drop box is also available at the hall during elections. To receive an absentee voter ballot, you must complete and sign an application that is available from the clerk or by visiting:

All residents who are on the permanent voter absentee list will automatically receive an application for each election. Please visit the Michigan Voter Information Center for the latest election information and forms:

Teresa Sullivan, Township Clerk
4098 Mann Road
Cheboygan, MI 4972

Election Inspector

Have you considered working as an election inspector? Inspectors are people who are paid to assist voters at the polls on election day. Registered voters interested in serving as election inspectors must submit the application below to the clerk.

To be appointed you must be a registered voter of Cheboygan County. If appointed you may be asked to work in a township other than the one you are a registered voter in. You cannot be a challenger, candidate, member of a candidates immediate family, or a member of the local board of canvassers. Anyone convicted of a felony or an elections crime may not serve.