Paying Taxes

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Tax Bill Information

Aloha Township contracts with the county Equalization Department in Cheboygan to send out all tax bills to its residents. We have found that one central location is better than having several departments trying to make these changes.

Remember, it is the taxpayer’s responsibility to notify the local governing unit official or their agent for any tax bill address changes. Therefore, it is very important that any address changes be sent to that department by October 1 of any given year. The taxpayer should make 2 copies, one for the equalization Department and one copy to keep for their records. The address for the county is:

Cheboygan County Equalization Department
870 South Main Street, Room 116
Cheboygan, Michigan 49721

Summer Tax Bill Information

The Aloha Township Board voted at their March meeting to impose a three percent late penalty charge (MCL211.44) (3) on taxes paid after February 14 and before March 1, of any given year on township bills. The 3 percent late penalty is collected only on late payments made between February 15 and March 1; the township does not continue to apply the penalty to late payments received by the township after the last day of February (the county applies applicable property tax administration fees and interest starting March 1.

Aloha Township provides Hardship Exemptions, Poverty Exemptions and guidelines through the Aloha Township Assessor. Filing date deadlines for the above are before the December Board of Review usually around the 14th of any given year. Also available is the Summer Deferment of taxes if filed by September 15, of any given year with proper documentation. You may fill out an online document by clicking on the Cheboygan County Equalization forms link under Resources (below).

The Cheboygan Area School Board of Education voted (under Public Act451) in December 2009 to move their school tax collection date from the winter to summer in 2010. Therefore beginning in July of 2010 you will see an increase in your tax bill due to this change. However in the winter you will see a decrease because of this change. The new summer tax bill due date has not changed. However, you must remember that a one percent penalty per month is still in effect after September 14th of any given year.

Below is a break down of your summer and winter bills starting in July 2010:

Summer Bill Due 09/14/xxxx

  • State Education Tax
  • County Allocated
  • School Operating
  • School Debt
  • School Sink

Winter Bill Due 02/14/xxxx

December 1 taxpayers will receive their regular bill minus the SET which will be due by February 28 of any given year.

  • Senior Citizen
  • Ambulance
  • Township Allocated
  • Township Roads
  • Township Fire
  • Library Operations
  • Library Construction
  • Cop ISD
  • Recycle Surcharge

Why Pay Taxes on Due Dates?